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So I haven't updated this ina  while. So For people who still want to look out for art and projects I've been doing more often as well as other things click the following links and you can keep up with me and my shennanigans. 

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See you guys around.
Hey guys! It's been a while I've been on here. Things been going on here and there but I'm still here none the less, once a while browsing. Though it has been quite sometime since I've actually posted anything here up. Well I'll take of some main points to get you all up on to speed. If You haven't noticed from previous journals from a long time ago, I started getting back into Hetalia. I wasn't into at first but it's start to warm my heart in entertainment, especially the fan made gaming section of the fandom. So through that I've come to like Hetalia again and some of there characters, mostly cause it makes me think of people I know or the places i've been and make me think about putting such stereotypes or troupes into one person and makes for amusing ideas. So I've been taking part in several meet ups up. During those times, I've also been taking care of my health. Now I'm sure some have already known my health isn't the complete greatest in me but I've been getting better, been losing a lot of weight (in a good healthy way I promise) and taking the chance in more activities outside my house like walking out more hanging out friends and once in a while join my friends and Nerf Zombie war near my home and shoot the crap out of each other. So that's been going on, and I've nearly done with school, granted I need to pass my math classes but otherwise I'm almost done. That opens a bit of my time to take the chance in job hunting as well as future plans and projects, mainly taking care of cosplay commissions and setting up photo shoots with other friends and taking part in more DND campaigns. (can't get enough beating down angels and minions in the morning) Then there's the possibility of opening a new little business I want to try in getting and working on future stuff with :iconnightlokison: and so on. Now Oth than those, I've been traveling a lot these past few months! It's almost surprised me that I've been traveling so much this summer it almost baffles me on how this all came down. Well let's start more close to home. 

First stop was in San Jose for Fanime! Had an awesome time and my first time at a con with my boyfriend and we had a great time. I got a commission of our Elsword avatars together. it was really cute and I had fun with a lot of my friends I went with. Lots of good memories. My next trip (in between I went to a meet up again and had a great time.) I went to BOTCON and that was a lot of fun, one got to see NightLokison again and we had a blast, then there was my friend and favorite toy dealer and custom toy designer, and most of all met new people as well as meeting the people I wanted to meet in person! I met RadioJane, :devArmardria:, and zibanitu6969 for the first time in person and I was quite ecstatic. I also got to talk to LivioRamondelli a bit and got some comics signed as well as a commission of Hardhead from him. (and currently at home still waiting to be framed all pretty and hung up in my bonus room/bedroom). Overall it was a great time. After all the Bot madness, a week later came and I was sent off to Hong Kong! (quite a long ways huh?) and now I'm currently in Hong Kong for about a month and spedning time with my Mom and Grandma for a bit and getting in touch with some close family of mine that I can't wait to meet. (I'm meeting my Cousin today for lunch and she's as nerdy as I am). And sense I'm spending time with my mom and Grandma, we'll be going to some place that's actually not in HK. XD My om planned and scheduled a 5 day tour trip to Korea and then my grandma wants to go to Macau for a night. There's also the possibility of going to Beijing but I honestly don't know myself at the moment. XD Yeah i have a bit more traveling to go and yet already I've already bought quite a few things and here I thought I bought enough stuff from BotCon. XDD so my prized spoils so far between my many travels so far are:

From Fanime:
-2 Hellbunny dresses (one red and one green plaid and they freakin fit me! 8D)
-Commission of me and my BF's Elsword character (I wish I had her name i forgot it now)
-Eevee Plushie
-Hetalia Canada fan keychain
-Hetalia Canada fan bookmark
-Monarchy of the Spades Fanbook by :devhakuku: (amazing art and story by the way weather you like Hetalia or not, should have gotten it signed though)

From Botcon
-Custom Shockwave Prime (and signed by David Sobolov and done by a very dear friend of mine, Santi from XavierCal)
-Custom First edition Tranformers Prime Optimus Prime by Santi (as a late christmas gift)
-Thirdparty Fansproject, Breakdown and Wildrider (or 
-Thrid party Star Sabre given to me by Santi
-Transformers MTMTE and RID Trades
-Transformers Spotlight: Bumblebee, Thundercracker, Megatron, Orion Pax, and Trailcutter (signed by editor and cover artist)
-Mars Attacks vs. Transformers (signed by editor), 
-Hardhead Fully body commission from Livio (signed)
-Vehicon Puggle from the lovely callykarishokka
-Hardbone, Third part Hardhead sold to me from a very Kind and handsome gentleman.

in HK:
-A green hooded shirt
-New Candyman Jacket (paid myself)
-Kitty Purse from iroiro
-Two Kreon sets (paid myself)
-mini Ultra Magnus (paid myself)
-mini pokemon toys (paid myself)
-mini rabbit toy (paid myself)
-cute varied stone Ear rings 
-London Bus Wallet
-new glasses


Wow, quite a haul in the past 2-3 months huh? Probably grow a bit more seeing how there's a freaking Toy hobby store/Art crafts/stationary store just below our apartment! O_O i'mma go broke in two different currencies. well I'll try and avoid the place for now and just wait till it's more towards the time to go home. I have Macau and Korea coming my way too. We'll see what happens.

Anyways if you guys want to see my more recent works come to my new tumblr blog where i post nothing but my arts and Crafts and funny and interesting dream logs I post up!

Art and Dream Blog ->

or for random crap I just tend to share got here!

Main random Blog ->

I'll still post stuff here once in a while but you'll most likely find me on there mostly. See you all later!
I'm doing a HetaOni stream on for the Hetalia group I'm a part of. feel free to join in if you're looking for something interesting to watch, or maybe like Hetalia! Currently we're waiting for more people. See you there!…
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So I've been meaning to do this for a while but I felt that i don't think I can draw out all the answers cause my answers tend to be long and slightly complex. (most answers) And I don't feel that summing them up will do them justice. So warning: there will be spoilers!

1. Hello there BP Fan! This is NOT the usual "introduce yourself" question. In fact, I'm asking you; How did you get into Brave Police?

Three to four years ago, I saw fan art of it by JinoSan / BloodyChaser  and I got curious. So I looked it up along with other Brave/Yuusha  shows by Sunrise and Kunio Okawara, the mechanical designer. This started my run of classic mecha and old classic anime. I of course found Brave Police and fell in love with the stories, characters, and design of the show and it became on of my favorite animes.

2. Interesting! ^^ Do you have any favorite character (Either BP, Human, or even Villain)?

My all time favorite character is Kagerou. His design as a character really takes my interest greatly. His background, personality, and design is really cool and so interesting despite the amount of screen time he had.

I can't say weather i have a favorite BP at all because it seems unfair, only because I just love all of them. They are all very charming and interesting in their own way, design wise just fits so perfectly, their story as characters just seemed to work out so well. However if i were to really have to choose one, it would be a tie between deckered, Shadowmaru, and Gunmax. Deckered is quite obvious, he's a popular character and he is very likeable, he has flaws he tries hard and meshes well with his community and friends. overall he's a well rounded character. Shadowmaru probably won because of his relationship with Kagerou. He obviously misses him greatly but he still gets the job done and doesn't mind to work with his peers. Also i find the fact there are so many funny scenes with him despite being the very "cool and has dark BG" type of person. He's just a show off and it's hilarious. XD Gunmax is because it seems that in many Kunio Okawara/Brave Yuusha animes there needs to be the obligatory "yankee" or rebel in the band of good guys and my god Gunmax fits so well. I find it really funny what he does but at the same time he's really bad ass. Also I had to admit, I had a crush on the voice. Overall he's just a ball of fun.

My Favorite Human in the series is actually Azuma. now I know a lot of fans will start arguing/saying, "Are you kidding?! He's a jerk! He kept trying to get rid of Yuuta and belittles the BP!" My answer to that; well too bad cause to be honest I think he has a pretty damn good reason why he would do those things. I can understand why Azuma would do those things because he's really concerned about this whole thing about a kid commanding super intelligent robots. As part of the police force/committee you really have to take in what you think is good for the greater good of citizens. What I'm saying he's level headed and just thinking about the people they are trying to protect. In fact I think he's the only normal and level headed character among the good guys. Azuma is against Yuuta being the chief of BP because he's a kid. Who wouldn't be worried about that? it'd be smarter to get someone very experienced. The BP have personalities would be rather worrying too cause he doesn't know how they'll act. A lot can go wrong. Besides he get's over it. "What about the times he yelled at the BP?" Obvious. The police have a  reputation to hold up to the public. The public has to trust the police in order to cooperate with them when an emergency occurs. add Mechas to the case and it get's weird to average normal person. EVEN after that where he seems stern and "doubtful" of the BP, he at least trusts them and tries to keep them on their toes and be prepared to serve the public. Azuma is not a jerk and if yous still don't believe me, then keep this in mind. If Azuma was a jerk, then he wouldn't have a best friend like Shinjo Ken. When he finds out that Shinjo Ken is up to no good, Azuma debates to rat out his best friend and you know what, he chooses the BP over his best friend. That there is trust.

Runners up to that is Toudou Shunske. I guess I like elderly men with a old fashion personality. I feel like If I ever met Todou, I can learn a lot from him and I really do like people who love what they do and will make sure they do the best job they could. He has a lot of passion and he's responsible.

Now my favorite villain is, in fact, Shinjo Ken. Shinjo ken is, what I think to be the most interesting villain and proably ranks as a favorite villain overall. Reason is because he's given a motive. He's ill and he knows that this will shorten his life. he obviously wants to live, or at least make a legacy for himself so he decides to make a copy of himself, but the only thing that would do is a Super AI. Something that HE in fact technically made because he was the one who helped create the BP. So it only fitted so well. Why Kageoru? because he was going to be reformatted anyway, so why not? what makes him also interesting is what happens to him afterwards. the kind of character he's become after the the incident of his crimes. After witnessing what happened to his "copy" and how it reacted he was traumatized of the results and now understands how S-AIs work. He was the very first to realize how "human" they've become or have the potential to being more while others even the good guys have to realize this. This line of dialogue with him and Regina was just amazing to me. You wouldn't think much at first but I felt that this was rather brilliant.

Regina: "I want to know how to rid Super A.I. of all evil"
Shinjo: "Erase all evil...?"
*flash back*
Victim: " I want to remove all traces of goodness from my Chieftains' Super A.I. and replace it with pure evil."
Shinjo: Didn't you hear what I said?! I said I will not work with you! *get's punched*
Victim: Bastard!...You will regret that. I will make sure of that!
*end of Flash back*
Shinjo: *smiles* "It is not possible."
Regina: "eh? But.."
Shinjo: "Officer, we're done." *gets up to leave*
Regina: "Wait! I'm not finished with you yet!
Shinjo: *turns* "ma'am, is it possible to purge the evil from man and make him all good?" *leaves the room*

That part makes me love this character so much. He's complex and he more than just a villain in this series. he's the one who knows what's going on the most while the others are still trying to figure it all out.

Runners up to the favorite villain is Eva Fahzeurg and her son. She is the creator of all technology post BP. all technology including the BP were of all her inventions earning her name, Mother of Technology. It was until she decided to try attempt to create the world's first S-AI  by means of human test subject and was arrested for this. However to keep alive or dead was bad because she was indeed someone of importance tot he world so she was cryogenically imprisoned for her crimes. When BP has accidentally brought upon the phenomena of S-AIs this outraged her son wanting revenge.  This story I find fascinating and also she is menacing and her son is the same. He knows how to make a plan and his plan was sought out by Victim and left no trace of himself. That is good planning.

3. Do you have any "non-favorite" character on the count, too?

I can't say I "hate" any characters in this series because I see most of them, like the neighbors, the kids, the sisters and parents are rather bland. Any other one time characters were the same and forgettable. If anything they at least cover some bases and help the series or story progress. If any they can be the comic relief I guess. I will point out there are annoying characters like the little girls in the group of kids and the one of the villains, A lady who steals classic and muscle cars, bugs me because of her personality/ generic character type. also her plans and motives are very weak. (She has a butler for crying out loud, she's rich, my god do you really need to steal cars and sell them/ collect them? Just buy them in working condition! They sell better that way!)

4. Someone you really wish to see DEAD?

Can't say too much on this one. Again I can't say who needs to die or who is "hate" because I don't have a strong enough reason to say why I hate a character. Even if they hurt a character I like or mistreat them, it's not a good reason to me. I guess for the person who I want half dead is the Car stealing lady cause she's just the weakest out of all of the villains. she annoys me and her motives and plans are just plain stupid even for a children's cartoon.

5. If you happened to meet a BP in real life,, what would your reaction be like?

I'd shit bricks and internally squeal but I don't want to bother them with that. In fact I'd feel a little intimidated. However I would like to say hi to them at least and tell them how much of a good job they do and thanking them for making the world just a little more peaceful. it would be a bonus if I could get a conversation with them and a picture but I woudl imagine them to be working so I wouldn't be delaying them with just that.

6. That was crazy!! XD Now on a personal thought: what are your considerations about Regina "Lady" Argine? (Please don't let Duke know about this! <.< )

I really like Regina and I can't seem to understand why people have to hate so much on Regina so much. I mean there is a reason why she acted like she did. It annoys me a bit how I read another person's rant on how they hate Regina for actions she did but don't seem to realize the reasoning behind that. Regina acted the way she did because she is a logical person who believes good is good and evil is evil and she strictly believes this because she couldn't understand the actions of her parents choices of good and bad and is scarred by that till current time. I'm pretty sure I'd be fucked up about it when being like 4-5 and having my mom commit a crime and is confronted by my dad, a police man along with his men, then decides to go against the law the representation of good, and shoots his team mates in order to save his wife and run off with me to avoid danger. There is a very mixed moral here and being 4-5 I doubt you'll be able to understand that for a while, even for a teen like Regina. She's not a bad person or a bad character, she's morally torn and she doesn't want Duke to be the same and neither does she feel that any S-AI should be, feeling it would jeopardize many lives. To me she's a really good character. In fact I would place her third in my favorite human characters in this series for such an interesting character. You don't see this many character who is this torn between morals. After that whole drama she's a great supporting character and she learned her lesson greatly and takes it to heart.

I'm really baffled by Regina bashers....

7. Is there any scenes you will never, ever get tired to watch?

Hell yes.

1. The scene with Regina and Shinjo about S-AIs.
2. The ending to Mini BPs
3. The reaction to "Tomonaga Yuuko"
4. BP dressed as the Gatchamen
5. Saejima and Deckered dressed in Uniforms.
6. The infiltration scenes in the Hourglass.
7. ghosts....ghosts everywhere...

8. Is there any scene you wish they never ever shown?

Instead of a scene, I think we could have gone without two episodes of recaps of episodes of before. The first was funny because of Saejima being hilarious. the other was ok, and showed really good parts of Regina and how things are in Scotland Yard. If anything I think combining the episodes would make it really great.

9. Is there a scene you find Sad/Depressing?

Yes. in fact there are many of them in this show. My god the feels you get from them... I could name so many but I have to say the most gut wrenching was from the very first episode. I mean it's the first freakin' episode!!! How do you do that?! With such a short amount of time you're given so much about the relationship of a innocent boy and mecha he meets and over time grow a strong relationship. Then just like that the  relationship has to end right there because of Deckered's duty. Yuuta understands that Deckered must up hold his duty for the greater good of the people and keep everyone safe, despite being extremely dangerous, so Yuuta, despite not wanting to let go his friend, gives up and agrees with him but stays with him to the very end when they format him and says good bye.


10. Do you have any OC? If so, give us a short description/quick sketch about them!


Rollcaster and Torque…

Rollcaster was my first BP OC and I took a long time thinking about it because I was making her around the time when I started to think more seriously of my characters and backgrounds. Rollcaster, the name first, came to me randomly when I was thinking of the game Xenosaga and the ability called "magic caster". Of course I didn't like that idea for a name but I decided to replace it with Rollcaster and temporarily named her that and now it stuck. the story I came up with with Rollcaster was based from the fad in the series of talking appliances. So I came up with a story that a third party manufacturer makes a bunch of new AIs but then get busted and arrested. However their product was already either shipped sold and or stowed away. One specific dealer his his stash in old talking appliances and sold them like that. However one of those appliances get's accidentally tossed into the dump but then picked up by a robotics college student scouting for parts for school. Once it was brought to the school and messed with, the student activated the AI and it "wakes up" and starts talking back to the students in the lab grabbing a lot of attention. They weren't quite sure what to do with "her" but they started to feel bad at the though of turning her off and later they realized they sort have brought a fondness to the AI, they dubbed Rollcaster.  So they pitched in materials and money together and built her a body to walk around in but they soon realized that it was probably not good that they should keep her as technically they aren't quite sure where he AI came from neither do they keep her on the grounds of the campus to live on. So they called the BP and informed them of Rollcaster and asked them to take her in sense they couldn't. With a bit of debation and discussing they agreed and would be part of BP as a "intern/cadet". She handles the cleaning and the paper work of the BP and watches the station by default. Rollcaster will only be out on the field when there needs to be someone who needs to direct people out of danger or act as a rare partner in a case. The only reason why I say "rare" is because of her design. I wanted to show that Roll was indeed made by a bunch of college students so her parts are rather either cheap or some times mismatching. Two traits that make it distinctive is her optics, which are two different shades of blue, as if they couldn't find the right ones, and then her height. Compared to a averaged size  BP/Mech, she's very short. probably even a head shorter then Drillboy let's say. Roll's personality is rather conservative and naive but she's very obedient to the "elders" sense they seemed to know more than she does. She really likes cleaning, probably a trait she got from being stuck in a appliance, which makes her job rather enjoyable in the station.

The other character is Tourque. I made her around the same time as Rollcaster and I felt that I was running out of ideas on her as she turned out to be a copy of a TF OC Copperbeat. However after RPing with her with my friend PerceptorsFembot I've kinda got a set idea of how Torque works Torque is a repair bot but has a bit of an attitude. She was designed to be a partner for Toudou Shunske to make on the road or field repairs when needed. However the day before she was about to make her debut she left the bunker she was kept in and went off around her own out of boredom. When they found that Torque dissapeared they all went to look for her. When they thought to have found her in different locations and attacked them, it turns out they were all fakes made by a man who claimed to have made the original design of Torque but he didn't get the credit for it. While most of the BP take care of the clones Gunmax goes into a junk yard to look for Torque and finds he taking a nap and listening to a radio she fixed up. He get's mad and chews her out for wandering off and he ends up in a argument with Torque. After their argument they get attacked but they took care of them and then drive back to the station before more trouble came around. Once they're back They finally introduce her properly and they investigate the guy who's making clones of Torque and where he does it. once they find the location, Torque runs out first to go and find the guy, not one to sit still, and but runs into a large group of her clones. The rest come in and see the large mass but they can't tel between who the real torque is as they all claim to be the real one. Gunmax however points out he has an idea. So he goes up to the clones and then out right insults Torque then ducks before a wrench comes flying over him. In the middle of the crowd of clones one torque jumped up and down yelling at him. Once that was fixed they trash the clones then go off together to where the villain of the story is. Gives his evil speech then gets defeated. However after the battle Torque recklessly got damaged and now can't change to vehicle mode. Deckered suggests riding with Gunmax but they both refuse. Instead Deckered then orders Torque to ride with Gunmax and Gunmax giving her a ride. So yeah thats her story. There is a fanfic story of this by my fembot but I keep it for myself. If you want to read it then I'll send it to you. I'll change her design later on sense she looks more like a clone of my OC but I'll see how that goes.

11. Now sing with me:
"Brave Police wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of...... the Decepticons!"
Yep! It's crossover time! How do you see on or more BP interacting with one or more TF? :D

I've actually had two favorite team ups for the longest time. First one was my obvious two favorite mechas, Kagerou and Hardhead. I always found them really awesome and bad ass and doing a lot of bad ass things together. the other one is Deckered and Nightbeat. I've seen deckered paired with Prowl a lot and I feel that it's way too obvious. The recent comics has kinda helped with my opinion as too me prowl has become a bit of a jerk to me, something of course Deckered would never be. (unless it's like SG Deckered or something) I felt Nightbeat works best cause he's a detective and Deckered is a detective. it both works and they both are diligent in their work in my opinion.

I actually have a picture somewhere of the two duos. Surprise I didn't put it up here.

12. That's all folks! Thanks for wastin-*COUGH!* taking your time to do this meme. now Tag some one and spread the word!

I'll tag... :iconperceptorsfembot:
This is a bit of a depressing kind of vent for me so don't mind me as i write.

Today I had a bit of a revelation...It's the best way I can say it though despite having to feel so overwhelmed and guilty afterwards. Today I went to a friend's 21st birthday. I've known her for since I met her in high school through a whole group of friends but I had long since have seen those friends due to lack of contact. However the past semester I've been hanging out with the birthday girl and three new friend I met in college. Since then we've have a good connection with each other. So then she invited me to her 21st birthday and told me all of my old friends and her's were coming to it and there was going to be a sleep over as well. "Sure why not? It sounds a lot like fun!" was what I thought. I never drink, taste but never drink, but I loved taking pictures and movies of people getting drunk off their asses. However when I arrive I then felt a sudden awkwardness filling me up. I wasn't quite sure what to say. I hugged them and said hello but I couldn't bring myself to speak. I'd try to bring up a conversation but then nothing comes out and my voice ens up quieter. I felt like trying to sticking with the birthday girl but I felt that it'd be too weird... I try to talk with old friends again but I felt alienated and I couldn't really think of a response to any conversation. It was when I saw the three friends I've been hanging around where I felt saved and I ended hanging out with them more feeling more at ease. Eventually I sat down thinking why I was feeling this way, looking around at everyone as they drank yelled and played games. It definitely wasn't because they were slowly getting intoxicated and drunk off their asses but there was still something odd in my chest just looking at soon hit me, after making small talk with Shioji over my MSN app on my phone. I started to realize that my friends had changed since I've seen them. Since the days I've hung around them in Highschool, they had changed over the long span of time since I've saw them. it made sense to me considering, barely of those friend, ever once called me or once wanted to talk to me, hang out or try to interact with me. I admittedly tried to call and get them to talk or hang out with me every once in a while but only ends up never happening due to another agenda. It made me sad at that though, despite how simple it seemed and almost obvious considering the situations. Of course my friends would have changed over time, heck I most likely had changed too...I guess I was just mentally prepared to take it all in at once.

I ended bringing the birthday girl away to talk to and let her know I was leaving because I felt very uncomfortable staying, especially the entire night. Luckily she understood and didn't want to force me to stay if it meant making me feel so uncomfortable. It made me feel guilty to leave , especially for her, but to others who, probably wanted me to stay and sleep over, and to my self for not being flexible or con formative to the situation and not end of getting scared and running out from just being slightly overwhelmed. I wanted to hang out and sleep with my drunken friend for photos and movies but I guess my emotions and lack of common knowledge is what foiled me. At the least, despite going through that unexpected turn of events., I have fun and I was glad to see old friends.

Well i'm home now and I'll just go and sleep now. Night y'all

My Thursday night with my friends playing Rock band 3....Good lord....
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So I felt that I missed out on posting a bit more on DA, mainly cause I'm really lazy and I have a love/hate relationship with my scanner. So instead I've decided to make things easier on myself and be able to instantly post drawings and sketches immediately using the tumblr app and the DA upload app. so yeah. Other than that...I really hate history class. DX <-Tumblr
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Through some unexplained events, I started a Tumblr. 8P It just sort of happened and I guess. :shrug:  So here ya go.

expect a lot of random stuff....and bunny butt.
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So the year of the dragon is here and my dad is still gone. XD My dad left for hongkong last week and has been with my mom and other relatives celebrating the new year. In the meantime I've been starting school and trying to keep my sanity of lack of sleep. Or at least feels like it. I've just been waking up early a lot. Though sense my dad is gone it's technically the return of my aunty meaning being asked ever 5 minutes if I'm hungry and making my meals before I get to make the one planned in my head. It's been keeping me from eating my junk food a lot. Why don't I just refuse or decline to eat it? Well one it's my aunt who is the prime living example of a sweet old honestly can't refuse or say no to the woman. two is because I was raised not to waste food that's been cooked and made for you already. So yeah...

In other news my computer is broken....kinda....maybe...I wouldn't know. It still works but it does weird things like lagging or shutting off instantly and out of the blue. My bro is looking at it but he hasn't have the slightest clue what's wrong with it. He thinks it's cause of the amount of music I have on it but it doesn't seem to be the case. So we'll see. I've yet to get the current status on it but for now I'm procuring my brother's computer at the moment...(shh... don't tell him)

well I'll sign off and get ready for the day and maybe see you all after 1:30PM Pacific.

Btw, anyone interested in a Brave Police OC Group? Like a role playing group here on DA? If you think you know someone who may be interested in it then shoot them my way to have them give me an opinion. Kinda thinking about it.
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A while back my friend Zarak342 tried to show how this things works so yeah it's interesting. Currently I'm just practicing and trying to get used to it now so yeah.

Here's the channel if you some of you are interested.… - offline
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Yeah I'm sure you've heard it from everyone else, but hey happy 2012! I really do wish the lot of you all do have a great night with your friends and families and stay safe as you hopefully did this pass holidays, and you'll continue on the good habit off and beyond 2012....after it's supposedly the year of doomsday. XDDD But don't let that thought drown your new year's resolutions.

What are my resolutions? Well...they're still cloudy and overall essential. I may not know what I want to do with my life like a whole lot of my friends, but I'm going to try and do my best and be happy and get to where I think i need to be. All those include getting my AA degree, my license, and a job. I also want to re launch my better money saving habits sense I know it's kinda have gone bad. so I'm going to try and do better for myself and be more responsible in that department. The most selfish thing I do want to do most of still create when I can even just a little doodle in class and try to be more healthy for myself. I may even start going to sleep much earlier than normal, for the sake of waking up properly even though sleeping time is 10 and waking up and 4 in the morning.

Well that's all I have for tonight. I'mma wait till the new day comes so I may play with the party poppers, despite my dad sleeping in the next room. XDD

Night y'all and see you all the next year.

Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 11, 2011, 4:21 PM
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Wow, I really need to update this more often.

Anyways Yeah I've been pretty caught up in stuff. Finals are coming around and I'm feeling the pressure to complete a lot of crap before it's due this week. sad part is that I think I'm catching something ...and I have to do a speech. Two of them. DX So yeah...and a full ethnography report to write up before Wednesday.

The up side is that I made presents for all my friends. I made a lot of fun ear rings keychains, puzzles, and so on to pass out. I already shipped out some presents to people outside my town, and you'll soon find out who, and then I went shopping for my family. can't really get my mom anything cause she has everything but I'll still send her wishes through the phone when we get the chance.

I think I'll go rest now...sinus headaches are killing me...

happy holidays everyone!

quick journal entry

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 2, 2011, 7:42 AM
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Here's a letter I wrote to my dad in HK, explaining my Halloween.

" Hi dad. How are you? I thought it'd would be comforting to both me and amusing to you and mom about my Halloween. So my school day was technically the same as usual though sense I came walking around in the Pokemon hoodie, that I made, everyone kept either trying to half chase me or pretend to throw a poke all at me. It was rather amusing. I also gave my speech to amuse today, so I didn't have to worry about it. My topic was about spam. It was pretty effective and sense it was Halloween I scared a lot of my classmates with the spam musubi rolls I made and dared them to eat them. XD a lot of them din't take the dare but then a few tried it. I still had a lot left over but it helped feed me before my next class and a the party I went. However the party kinda failed cause the most of the guests that had the horror games we were going to play didn't showed up and just overall bailed. Disappointing but  we fixed it by watching Descent. My reactions were very hilarious... To the people around me. The entire movie I was hiding under the hood of m hoodie and only kept one eye out to watch and every once in a while I would squirm and whimper scared. I was also hugging on to my friend's arm like a safety blanket... XD after the movie you can guess my reason why I am still up at 12:37 AM... If not then I'll just say now that I am currently paranoid and scared of sleeping now... Even with that said I had a fairly good and interesting Halloween. I also got like 3 custom orders to make more pokemon hoodies. My hoodie became very popular very quickly. XD watch I'll be making more of them or a pass time and extra money while filling application forms.

Well I'll go and draw stuff and wait till I'm brave enough to sleep. Luckily I don't have school tomorrow. Look forward hearing from you. Have fun sharing my duly Halloween to the rest of our family. Love you and mom.

As for today...

Well I don't expect much really, but hey happy Birthday to me. XDD

well off to my school I got. will talk more later about this, so-&-so, and such but yeah.

happy Nov. 2 to you all! For I claim it to be, fancy hat day.

Sadly I have to...

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 9, 2011, 11:44 AM
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HOLY FREAKIN-abdkajbfkjksdfj!?!!

So Yeah I found Part 3 to One Shall Stand in TF :Prime....I fangasmed for the first in a while. Why? well because the episode includes something I've loved for a while. TF History~! and not only that something interesting happened bu I ain't spoilin' anything else, toher than my favorite subject in TF. So yeah...

I other news, I've gotten mildly sick. It's not definite other than waking up with bad stomach aches. So yeah No eating for me for a bit. *drinks tea instead*

I'm still drawing in fact I did scanned a few things just been uber lazy. 8P So eventually I'll get to it but yeah....

Well Might as well work on them now.

So where the hell have I been?

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 22, 2011, 5:52 PM
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School...and at home...mostly trying to do homework and trying pass...and survive the burning hot weather that suddenly rolled into my area...and my mom's sudden renovation plannings.

But otherwise, yeah I'm alive and being the lazy procrastinator that I am.  However a few certain things are going on, like Shioji-san and Zarak342 Are coming to visit me and see my monthly job. XDD. Another things is that I recently got together with someone, named James, and he's adorable. XDD Though there are a few complications but I'm not going to get into that.

I'm still doing a few artsy stuff here and there but for now I've mostly put them aside to work on school. Which is sad cause I do want to do them but I have not much time.

That and My muse has been hiding from me.

I do plan at some point to being some painting projects  such as some Custom paintings on a Silver DS I recently got and buying a set of mini Drossel figures to repaint into TF femme colors.

Originally I wanted to buy these:… &…

but i'm not going to get money like that anytime soon. Maybe when my birthday some around in full swing...or make my own...

I've also considered making custom Brave Police toys too out of Revoltechs but again money is a stretch.

Oh well. One thing I'm with today is the fact my friend gave me a Optimus Prime game Poster from his job at Gamestop. It's huge so I'm gonna have to figure where to put it... XDD (giggidy)

the arrival of mother superior...artsy time!

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 23, 2011, 12:12 AM
I'm making bottle cap pins and pendants:…

The three I'm holding are experiments and all of Hardhead. XDD I'm going to make one pendant, one pin, and one cuff bracelet. Soon as I get the hardware for them. I'm making a few for :devShiojisan: too in exchange for buttons. XDD The idea was from this (… ) when Shioji showed it to me I wanted one but they had limited left cause the person wasn't going to make anymore and was only selling what was left. I bought a Nightbeat pendant cause I did like the guy and he doesn't get enough attention. Plus I loved this person's work so I picked one up before everything was removed. So now I was inspired and I found the stuff that can make something similar to it. Not as epic but hey it works and I'm proud of the results so far.

I've also been painting (which will be up in a tick) so i'm on a artsy roll after so much time of sewing and stuff. it's a good break and a bit relaxing. I have one larger canvas that I've yet to fill but I'll save it for when I have something in mind to put on it.

Besides all that, my mother is arriving...well not coming till Monday night but none the less mother is coming back. I have a mix of fear and glad-ness about this and for a few reasons. the glad part, yeah no doubt cause she's gone to the equivalent of a freakin' year so I miss her because:

1. Tired of my dad's cooking (though has gotten better because he started making grilled Japanese/Korean mackerel that's budget friendly and delicious....)
2. My girly side of me has been suffering without the guidance of a wiser woman to confide to.
3. Missing an overall mother figure in my life.

the fear side however well...needs a bit of explaining or well...actually some may already know cause it's no surprise.

1. the nagging and yelling about the littlest thing that aches her anal and particular like ways in which I some how inherited but are not like hers at all...
2. the fact my dad and mom don't exactly see eye-to-eye.
3. Scared over the fact my mom will find out one big no-no I've done.

what's the big no-no? well if haven't known already I have two older brothers. However the eldest is actually my step brother. Basically the son that has a different dad before mine. My mom of course is divorced from the man that I know is technically my step dad and has never once talked about him to me. There is obvious negativeness on her side so I tend not to talk or question about it. However as I grew I felt that I should get to know him a little other than through mouth of others, so as fate would have it I decided to take on the job of being a nanny to my dear nieces. with this job I not only spent time with my nieces and my sissy, but I also got to know the step dad I wanted to know, who happened to live just above his own grandchildren. (it's a story that I have no right to exactly explain).

Often he'd come down to see his grand children and help out my sis with the two little rascals sense they were obviously too much for my sis who was left alone a lot while my big bro has to work all day. through his visits while I was a nanny, I got to know him and felt a lot of respect for him. He was very wise, caring, helpful, and he spoke in a lot of encouragement of following my talents like he had for my brother. In fact he told me a lot of stories of how great of an artist my brother was and how much he was into robots and Transformers himself. He even kept ALL of his drawings, comics, and even gaming diagrams and army like blueprints. All of it! down to his even youngest of drawings when he was probably 5 yrs old. I was blown and speechless to be honest. My bro even made his own TF comics! REALLY good ones! I have to say if he kept going on to drawing, he'd probably be part of IDW or something. I felt very happy to meet him and got to really meet my step dad. However as happy I was there was an unknown mistake I made. I decided to come into his home. I didn't think it was a big deal. I met my step mom, another niece who was very young and recently born in fact and a few other possible relatives. I felt very at home. The problem didn't dawn to me until my sister talked about it with me. "Don't tell mom cause she may freak out." she said. Sadly she was right. My mom, i would say is the emotional and insane femme version of Galvatron when drama relating to the negatives of her life come around her. If she found out I ever decided to make a connection with my step dad let alone go into his house to hang out, I think she'd be pretty upset.  And no I won't try cause it's too scary to risk... D8

So yeah, you can tell a lot of thoughts run through my mind on that part. well the secret will be kept no doubt and I won't get in trouble so long no one gossips... ><;

well back to making stuff and painting! *grabs a paint brush and fly off on a rainbow* (sound familiar?)

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lazyness to photoshoots.

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 11, 2011, 7:55 PM
I'm so guilty of laziness it's not even funny. 8P I know everyone has it but it's jsut today I feel so...DRAINED and Fat and Icky just cause I'm being lazy as hell. I was working earlier, sewing some stuff both for sister dear, my favorite munchkin niece, and my good friend PerceptorsFembot it's not a hard task really but really it's myself. I guess it's because I let my self sleep earlier last night cause the pass few days I've been staying up 3-4 for no reason other than Rping. So now I'm trying to break that habit and so today I'm really pushing it. though the result isn't very elegant. XDD I even ended up snacking before dinner with Japanese cake and a scone. XDD And a huge cup of pho-milk tea (phoney cause it's not as good as how my favorite place makes it.) I feel fat even more cause my brother convinced me to put coconut oil in it too...yeah I know gross but it's not bad...just the oil feeling on your lips though... Would prefer to use it to make coconut crab.

In other news, I'm participating in my first photo shoot, which is pretty awesome. Also i feel good to be part of this knowing I help my good ol' friend, Demetyr. I remember her asking me and my brother to participate in this years ago in helping to send a special message to people to risk reaching out to people in need and prevent suicide. Me and my bro were proud that she wanted to organize something like this so we wanted to support her. And this Thursday we're keeping that promise. I even asked my sis to let me work early so i can get out early.

right now i'm juggling between sewing projects and then picking out outfits that fit the photo shoot's needs and keeping myself warm sense the weather has started cooling down.

Well back to work for me! can't wait till Thursday! May bring some Lemon Scones too. 83

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movies and sewing

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 9, 2011, 11:47 PM
So I just came back from watching Transformers 3. Originally me and my dad wanted to see Super 8 and I was looking forwards to seeing it. Sadly though the movie was sold out so we decided to see TF3.  It was a fairly ok, much better than 2nd movie definitely. However I had a few problems with it but I'll keep them too myself. If you want to know my opinions feel free to ask. XDD

As for where i've been?....well ...not much really. just playing nanny (which I've started little sketches of me and my nieces and my hardhead toy sense I bring him with me to work) and also doing projects for my sister and commissions. So I've been fairly busy.

and....that's really all I've been doing.

Catch you guys later.

btw:!/TaimuDolores I r now on twitter if you are interested.

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commissions, personal projects, and fathers day

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 20, 2011, 1:06 AM
what's this an actual submissions!?

Yeah I've been doing stuff recently sense I can't get ANY hat commissions done at all due to travel complications ><; it's annoying me and it's giving me less things to do. So To vent I've decided to practice a little project for myself.

I recently got some paint markers from the craft store to, originally, decorate some shoes (flats) I bought due to the fact I didn't like the look of any of the flats out there in the world currently, and I kinda need them as an alternative to wearing so many converses and boots all the time, so I decided to make my own design on some plain Jane ones from a local pay less. I've decided on a designs for a black and white pair but I was in need of practice, just in case, I didn't want to mess up sense I'd be wearing these out and about. I targeted my sketchbooks, both current and spares as my test surfaces sense it was....kinda similar I guess. So far it's doing got and I got the hang of it. Aft this last drawing I'm currently on, I may start on the flats. I got two, one white that'll have a bunch of goldfishes and turtles and lily pads and bubbles on them (suggested by my old friend Chibifoxxylady) and a pair of black ones that's going to have the Chibi version of Spinaltap… ( that dyemooch did as a commission in Botcon. (suggested by Shioji-san) The Spinaltap one may be harder cause I haven't done chibis in years and a Tap chibi would be a high feet. XDD not only that how to place it on a shoe...XD

After I do the hats and finish personal projects I may start thinking about opening commissions to both hats and paint drawings on sketchbooks or something...if time and money permits me... ><;

Anywhos off and away from that shin-digs...

Father's Day! went fairly ok. I'm glad it went well due to a little drama the night before between me and my bro. I was worried for his way of scheduling and stuff and how he was juggling between family and dancing. I understood he was under pressure and all I was just worried on what and how he took first priories. Thankfully it was all sorted. We took my dad out to one of his favorite lunch places and we took him home. He had to meet with a friend to fix the brakes on one of our cars and he'd be back so he could experiment in making grill mackerel. My bro and I just cleaned up the house...well my bro was trying to organize his room while I cleaned the bonus rooms and laundry. After that we took some stuff to Goodwill stopped by a few places. Picked up my Zelda 3D game (though will wait to play till my work is done) then left me back home to do more chores and my bro went off to go and give lessons again like usual. I pretty much finished about everything but the work I wanted to do but I relaxed for the mot part and drew. Though as time passed I didn't realized that my dad was rather late till it was about 8 already. I honestly didn't noticed and yeah it was pretty much passed our usual dinner time. He called and told he was indeed late, apparently repairs took a while than he and his friend thought. So we ended up not getting to make mackerel but my bro came home around 9 like my dad and we all decided to eat at dad's favorite fast food, Chipotle sense we couldn't figure out anywhere else that was open late. We had a good time, we got their while still opened (they closed at 10 though there were a lot of last minute people coming in so they may go over time) and sense it was late at night they tended to give more food to you than the usual amounts. We were REALLY full afterwards...too full to eat the cake my bro got for our dad. We came to a agreement to eat it tomorrow when we watch Despicable Me together. I think it's fitting. XDD

So yeah that was my father's day. I think it's a pretty memorable one compared to other times.

well that's all for now. tomorrow I finally shop for the fabric I need and I continue Father's day shenanigans.

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